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details of our readership

Inter:Mission receives around 10,000 monthly visits. 70% of our readership are 18-24 year olds, with an equal sex balance. The most common locations are Bristol (65%) and London (15%).

How does it work?

Simply, submit a banner to us and this will appear in the centre of our homepage (1) and each section homepage (2), as well as at the bottom of every page visited (3). We can add a hyperlink to it too, so readers can easily access your content.

1. Website homepage.

2. Section homepage.

3. Bottom of each page.

how much does it cost?

£7 for a day. £40 for a week. £150 for a month.

If you wish to advertise on a specific page, such as a gig venue is more suited to our music section, prices are halved.

These prices are negotiable if we can work out a way to both benefit from a collaboration. For example, if you are advertising a club night, we will reduce the cost of advertising in exchange for free tickets we will use to make a competition with. 

If you have any more questions and/or are interested in advertising on our website please email