About us 

As the official magazine of Bristol University, Inter:Mission is a student collective that strives to unearth the best of Bristol’s culture and bring it together with the wealth of student talent, creating a showcase of these two brilliant communities.

Our aim is to provide thought-provoking, intelligent pieces, selecting and celebrating the most beautiful aspects of this city’s vibrant arts scene. Whether it be music, underground, film, theatre  the combination of I:M’s strong presence in the student community along with its writers participation in a large number of locally organized arts events gives it a unique opportunity to combine the best of both in one publication. This Autumn we have launched our Opinion section, where we are looking to build a smorgasbord of viewpoints on anything from political philosophy to the quirkier side of student life.

Get in touch: 
Send us a message through our Facebook page: Inter:Mission

Alternatively, email one of our editors below, or follow the link to the Facebook Group for the writers of each section.


Arthur Gousset: intermission.president@gmail.com


Editor in Chief

Jacob Colman: intermissionbristol@gmail.com


Music Editors
Issy Villiers, Marcus Spruit, louis fulford-smith: music@intermissionbristol.co.uk
Music Writers 2016/17

Underground Editor
Reece Webster: underground.intermission@gmail.com
Underground Writers 2016/17

Theatre Editor
Esther Bancroft: theatre@intermissionbristol.co.uk
Theatre Writers 2016/17

Film Editor
Pushan Basu: film@intermissionbristol.co.uk
Film Writers 2016/17

Opinion Editor
Jess Blackwell: opinionintermission@gmail.com
Opinion Writers 2016/17

Arts Editor
Kimi Zoet: artintermission@gmail.com



Where we are based:

The Student Union
The Richmond Building
Bristol, , BS8 1LN
United Kingdom